VELOX PLUS is taking Europe by storm, with its ability to keep all your underwater metal free from growth longer than any of its competitors.

Now available in Australia through PropPaint Pty Ltd, this unique product will provide the boat owner with a solution to an age old problem of owning a boat that is permanently moored in the Ocean and Rivers. Growth on the running gear of all vessels reduces efficiency of the engines and reduces speed on sailing craft.


Marlin Paints from Trieste, Italy have developed VELOX PLUS after years of testing on many vessels covering all conditions and environment’s throughout the world. PropPaint Pty Ltd has worked with Marlin Paints in testing on all types of propellers, brackets, sail drives and trim tabs for over 6 years in Australia, ensuring it meets the high demands of the Boat Owner.

“Negative Discharge of electricity conducting out through underwater metal work is a primary reason vessels lose their paint systems in these areas, but VELOX PLUS has worked the best I have seen and I have painted over 5000 vessels” says Gary Martin of Boat Paints, Perth, WA.

Reducing Growth.
Velox Plus

• New to Australia

• Easy to Apply

• Simple to Renew

• No Mixing of



This propeller has been painted with VELOX PLUS and immersed for 22 Months

This propeller has been painted with VELOX PLUS and immersed for 12 months

Keeps prop’s, shafts, brackets and trim tabs cleaner for longer, without having to move thru the water.

Suitable for all metals