VELOX PLUS Preparation

Preparation for Priming

Standard Preparation:

Remove all old antifoul or other coatings with 80 grit sandpaper or class 2½ sandblast. Hand sand all surfaces with 80 grit sandpaper, the surface must be quite rough in preparation for the primer.

Do not use Scotchbrite, wire wheel, stripper (flap type) disk or old sandpaper; these will not aggregate the surface effectively. Be sure not to touch or contaminate surfaces before priming.

If a silicone based product has previously been applied:

If props/shafts are new, if lanolin or other grease has been applied before or if props are high-speed then it is essential for the use of our Vinyl-Etch Pre-primer. This is a once-only application to promote initial adhesion in these circumstances. For instructions for use of this please see the Vinyl Etch Primer Application Guide. Follow this then continue with application as per this sheet.




Stir thoroughly then apply one coat by brush or spray; this does not need to be thick. Allow to dry for at least 3 hrs (20°C) * Primer must be applied to metalwork before oxidization commences (5 hours for bronze).

Stir thoroughly then apply one coat by spray or brush. Brush using long straight brush strokes. Avoid going back and forth in any particular area as this will soften the Metal Primer. One coat will not cover, it is normal for the green primer to soften and show through especially with white VELOX PLUS. After min 3 hrs (20°C) apply a second coat of Velox Plus using spray or continuous brush strokes perpendicular to the first coat. A third coat is recommended in locations where growth is particularly aggressive. Launch after 12 hrs min drying time.

When re-coating Velox Plus then only light sanding (120-180 grit) is required, spot prime where necessary and apply 2/3 coats of Velox Plus as required. It is not necessary to strip equipment to bare metal.

Velox Plus contains no cuprous oxide and as such is suitable for use on aluminium equipment. When coating aluminium (eg sail-drive, stern-drive) then lightly sand the factory finish (180-240 grit). For bare aluminium an appropriate epoxy primer is recommended first;

• For spraying both VELOX PLUS and MARLIN METAL PRIMER no thinning is necessary. For clean-up theappropriate thinner is No4 or universal thinner.

• Do not apply VELOX PLUS to bare metal.

• Read instructions thoroughly and always wear appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

Application: brush, spray gun, foam roller

Coating: max wet film thickness 100 μ, dry film thickness 30 μ, Specific Gravity 1.20- 1.30

Thinner: Universal thinner, although no thinning necessary for spraying.


Note: Due to differing electrical discharging, conductivity or contaminates, no guarantee or warranty is implied.



Drying times:

Touch dry  1 hour @ 20°C

Recoat  3 hours @ 20°C

Launch  12 hours @20°C


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